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Seraphim Angels

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She (Liz Ann) is a person who holds a fine-tuned spiritual vibration, is a gifted intuitive healer, an articulate communicator and is in communion with the celestial energies of the universe.  

FJ, Denver, Colorado

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Class Descriptions

There is no specific order to taking these classes.  Your heart and guidance will suggest where you should begin.  

 The Seraph’s Love & Faith Workshop

Since taking the Love and Faith workshop, my connection to the Angelic realm and GAIA have deepened significantly resulting in boundless creative opportunities to incorporate Seraph ADALIAN’s message of love, hope, faith and healing into my daily practices.” Carol Q. Denver

The Seraph’s Love and Faith intensive is designed to give you the high vibrations of these profound energies for the benefit of your body, mind and spirit, lifting Love and Faith to a higher level within you. There are 22 attunements in this class and you will feel the loving and compassionate energy of Seraph ADALIAN. You are able to use these energy attunements of Love and Faith given to us by the Seraphim Angels to assist with healing on many levels for yourself, humanity and the earth. With the attunements  we will also have a jump start for activating serious new beginnings – for a sustained personal lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth. In September of 2013, I was introduced to the Seraph who has stated that he is the Guardian of North America with specific emphasis on the United States. Below is an excerpt from the introduction to the course as it was channeled from Seraph ADALIAN:

“The American history is like a mirror for the power of new beginnings and the strong intention for new perfect solutions”. Topics discussed and some of the attunements that you will receive in the Seraph’s Love and Faith course include: ~ Open Channels directly to the Seraph ~ Cosmic Hearts ~ The Seraphic Pulse ~ Wisdom of the Land and Clearing of the Native American trauma ~ Clearing of trauma ~ Difference between Light Spots and Power Places ~ Activation of the Wave of Love and Healing ~ Connection to the I AM Presence ~ Healing energies Practitioners can use for themselves, as well as, others in their sessions with clients, family members. ~ Learn how to activate Angelic energy with confidence and ease, a universal energy that is available to all who desire to use it. When you have completed this workshop, you will be a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom with the ability to use this high frequency of the Seraph for your personal healing others and the Earth.  You are able to send the powerful healing of Waves of Love and Healing and the Wave of Love to others and the Earth

Duration: A total of 7 hours. Registration closes 2 days before the class date so that materials and information can be sent out prior to the class. $227

No per-requisite. Everyone with a heart’s desire to heal themselves, our country and the planet is welcome.

  Introduction to The Seraph’s Love & Faith

A Seraphic Energetic Experience to “sample” how the Angelic energies feel. It is my pleasure to invite you to join me in learning about the loving and generous energies of Seraphim Angels. You will learn how Seraph ADALIAN channeled this information and hear how exciting it was to have the first Love & Faith class taught on 12-21-12. How are the Seraphim  communicating with humanity to support our personal growth and that of our country. You will experience receiving The Wave of Love and Healing  from Seraph ADALIAN.  This is a great way to discover  the love of this energy  before taking the workshop.  You will be able to choose  a personal crystal infused with this energy. If time permits, a group guided meditation will be facilitated to send the Waves of Love for a  purpose that needs the attention by the Seraphim Angels. If you are new to energy work, this is a wonderful way to learn more; questions are welcomed.

Duration:1-1 1/2 hours, fee: $15

 Seraphim-Gaia Link Meditation for Planetary Development

A 1 hour, free meditation that is open to everyone interested in supporting Gaia, Mother Earth. You do not have to be an energy practitioner to join in the beautiful heart created Light Circle. All that is necessary is for you to have the desire and intent to help Gaia in this time of change and evolution. We gather once a month to assist as we become the Link between the Seraphim and the heart of Mother Earth. This powerful meditation allows us to assist in the healing of the Earth and which in turn, helps us.  You may feel a strong sense of gratitude from Mother Earth during this meditation.  As we continue to support Gaia, we support each other. We all look forward to seeing your heart light soon. Keep Shining Brightly.

Duration: one hour, always Free as a service to you and our planet

  Seraphim Gaia Link Planetary Development Meditation Attunement Class

If you are called to facilitate this meditation for your friends  or feel that you would personally like to do this meditation  frequently, this is the specific attunement necessary for you to safely hold these powerful energies. This meditative attunement connects you to All of the Seraphim and deeply links you to the core of the Earth, the heart and soul of Gaia. You will learn to work in a very specific way to facilitate the anchoring of these energies during the meditation. This process helps to create a new grid system from the heart of all participating in the Seraphim Gaia Link for Planetary Development. You will also receive an attunement to charge a crystal of your choice to use as support during the Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation. Once you receive this attunement, you will be able to facilitate this attunement for others that are called to do this meditation for the healing of the planet.

Class fee $55

Seraphim Gaia Matrix of Light Meditation

One of the most significant changes in this meditation for 2016 is that in the original Seraphim Gaia Link for Planetary Development, we melded the energies of the Seraphim and Gaia together in our heart center and then “sent them out to reverberate into the universe”.

With this new upshifted version, we are utilizing the energies to allow us to tap in and gain access into the Matrix of Light. An inter-dimensional space to which we are innately connected but which has been shrouded and protected until we had enough of a mass consciousness to be ready and able to reach a level of vibrational frequency, wisdom and insight.

The Webster definition of Matrix is – something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates; takes form or develops.

The Still Point within the Matrix of Light is the prism of space that fosters and validates faith in your process; where you not only embrace your authenticity – you own it.  It is a place to Celebrate and Be who you are inside – not what others want you to Be outside.

Meditation is always free as a service to you and our planet.    Time required – 45+/- minutes

 Seraphim Gaia Link Matrix of Light Meditation Attunement

This meditation is very powerful and supportive of Gaia and ourselves. To be certified to facilitate this powerful guided group meditation, you must be attuned to be able to hold the energy for the group in a very specific manner. These Seraphim-Gaia Attunements will also allow for you to activate the meditation link for your personal practice in an expansive and optimal way. Fee $55

“Bringing the Seraphic Frequency in a benevolent, loving manner to others, for their highest and greatest good, is the supreme goal of a Facilitator. This expression of service is returned many times as a vibration of angelic gratitude which cannot be replicated as soul joy.”
-The Seraph ADALIAN

 The Birth of the New Avalon, Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening

Become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom and a New Earth Guardian!

The information in this course gifted to us by the Angel is unprecedented and timely for these dynamic times.   In 2012 we were given healing energies for ourselves and to heal The United States of America. The rapid and profound anchoring of these energies has led to the next level of tools for personal development and awakening the Land of Dreams creating a profound and significant shift in consciousness for the entire planet.  Regardless of where you live, by participating in the anchoring of these energies, you make a contribution to the progressive spiritual expansion of the continent of North America and the world.

The energies of the New Avalon are ready to come into the world. The first class was taught in 2015. The middle age Avalon was the kingdom of shamans and nature priestesses and so the New Avalon is the space for creating a new harmony between mankind and nature.  Now is the time when the earth has been perfectly harmonized with the development of human consciousness making way for the New Earth Guardians to take their own responsibility to enter the wonderful place called the New Avalon. Those with a past link to Atlantian/Lemurian times will feel a quickening of recognition that will awaken the wisdom and power of their energetic personal double dorje.

The permanent energy attunements from Seraph ADALIAN received in this course are too numerous to list. Now is the time to awaken these gifts you possess.  To name just a few: you will have connections with Earth Healing of Canada’s sacred springs, sacred groves, crystalline treasures; the consciousness of plasmic silver and gold, consciousness of dolphins – the keepers of the crystal sounds; energetic double dorje for powerful personal evolution,  You will reconnect with your power place in the universe and facilitate opening your cosmic potential.

Class Duration: 10-12 hours,   Class Fee: $276          No Per-requisites

The Seraphim Rose Pyramid System


Soul Realization and Full Embodiment

“I am so impressed with how strong the healing energies come through each and every time.  Thank you for bringing this forward”   C. Latham, Denver

This is a personal meditation system that contains 12 symbols build around the foundation of the geometric 4 sided pyramid to focus your consciousness to achieve your soul’s full realization and embodiment. The energy you bring into focus to connect with these symbols enables you to  access and harmonize all of you from your quantum to cosmic beautiful aspects.   

This complete system is new for our times because many of us are seeking a way to connect with our deepest and full aspects of our soul. Liz Ann has been channeling this information for about 3 years but was not allowed by the guides to offer this material until 2017.  Humanity has reached the critical mass number of people seeing spiritual advancement for anchoring and using this new system. She has been told that “an incomplete system of symbols was used in ancient times which was correct for the people and energy of that era”   This new, complete system is for our use in these  dynamic times of the New Earth and Paradigm.

“The Earth has been asleep and in the dark for a very long time.  Now is the time to bring pyramid information to begin the global Awakening.  Much was known but has been lost since the prior time.” Andilathar. 

You do not have to memorize the 12 symbols.  You will receive the graphs of the symbols for use in meditation.  If you are an experienced energy healer, these may also be used with your clients.

Class duration:    Please see the registration page for additional details. Questions, please get in touch.


 The Seraphic Wisdom Family Series

7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love. Building a Rainbow Bridge between Parent and Child.

The goal of this course is to recognize every day challenges that families face and to offer real value solutions, suggestions and resources, with a sprinkling of spirituality to assist in making changes that will foster and support the parents. The ultimate goal is to help everyone in a family relationship including the children, especially those identified as highly intuitive by their parents The intent is that when all “4 E’s” contained in each module are integrated into your daily lifestyle, a change will occur that allows for Love, Harmony and Creativity; essential elements to the human soul for optimal well-being and happiness.

Overall the goal is to show individuals and families how to create harmonious relationships within the home. We refer to the course as The Family Series however you will see that each workshop is also applicable and beneficial to all individuals who are interested in bringing mind, body and spirit into alignment in order to facilitate personal growth and expansion.

The Seraphic Wisdom Family Series contains 7 workshop modules. Each module is about 2 hours of class time. Workshop modules can be done one at a time or grouped together for a 2 day seminar. Each module is a stand-alone workshop, but as the students’ progress from module 1 through 7 a layering of information will be optimally beneficial.

Each of the seven workshop modules has a format that contains “the 4 E’s” (for ease).

  1. Enlightening Thought Provoking Information/Ideas. Overview of challenge presented, examples of problem.
  2. Exercise done in class with student interaction. Purpose is to assist students in identifying problems and recognizing solutions.
  3. Energetic Support for the Spirit. Coordinates with 7 human chakras to reinforce the link of spiritual support which provides a tool to manifest change with ease.
  4. Embrace and Expect Change – resources and tools to use at home. Practical solutions and suggestions for how to create change with quick results. Referenced resources listed to further explore the topics discussed.

Module Overview, 7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love. Building a Rainbow Bridge between Parent and Child. The Seraphic Wisdom Family Series.

Module 1 – Achieving Joy by Creating a Home with Consciousness.

  • How to see your home through your inner binoculars
  • Rediscover your 5 senses
  • Recognize the reality of your home environment
  • Explore ways to clear your physical and emotional space
  • Installing energy grid and preparing your home for healthier living
  • Manifest your desired home sanctuary
  • Learn how to balance the Root chakra – Your connection to the earth for staying balanced and centered.

Module 2 – Nourishing Your Body and Soul with Awareness.

  • Transform the challenges of old eating habits and form new healthy eating patterns
  • Explore the Self-care checklist
  • Learn about Self-image, and Self love
  • Understand the emotional mood swings from foods
  • Discover benefits and ways to use organic foods for healthy lifestyle
  • How to make Yin Yang water that benefits your body system
  • Harmonizing the Sacral Chakra –achieving your inner emotional bliss

Module 3 –  Conscious Parenting with Confidence.

  • Discover how each of us chooses our parents and the families into which we are born
  • Honoring your spiritual contract with your loved ones
  • Strengthen your bond with your children
  • Recognizing subtle outside influences and bullying tactics
  • Reprogram your belief systems
  • Create the change from self-deprecation to self-confidence and self-love
  • Solar Plexus chakra -Learning how to stand in your own personal power and achieve freedom

Module 4 – Harmonizing Blended and Biological Families through Healing of your Inner Child.

  • Understand how your current situation can transfer your inner wounds to the next generation
  • See how a hidden energetic ancestral virus can infect generations to come
  • Learn about the power of unspoken thoughts projected through emotions
  • Creating a path of harmony and healing for the Inner Child – yours and your children’s
  • Focus on the Heart Chakra for truth in perceptions of love, acceptance, healing and forgiveness

Module 5 –  Communication through the Heart Language.

  • Understanding your listening skills
  • Explore how we disconnect our communication through technology
  • Discover how our action speaks volumes to children
  • Learn how to integrate the dolphin consciousness
  • Understand the communication that happens through the Heart Language and Throat chakra

Module 6 – Personal Wellness through Planetary Mindfulness.

  • Learn ways to be eco friendly
  • Strengthening and connecting your bond with nature and Mother Earth
  • Explore ways to reduce waste, save time, money and energy
  • Understand and encourage your loved ones to support their inborn gifts of higher senses
  • Developing intuitive abilities by opening your Third Eye chakra

Module 7 – The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation; the Keys to Personal Growth.

  • How you can change your life by shifting your perspective
  • Teaching your child how to hold a high vibration for ease in their life
  • The power of the sound of words when spoken from the heart.
  • Recognizing the missed opportunities to connect with those who do not “mirror” your beliefs.
  • Crown chakra, your personal link to your higher consciousness and unlimited opportunities through gratitude.

Student Fee Structure for Seraphic Wisdom Family Series Workshops.

$55 per workshop module if taken individually (total cost for 7 = $385)
$295 discounted fee for 1 person if paid in full for all 7 modules in advance*

*Fees may vary based on location and venue charges.


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