Seraphim Angels

What are the Seraphim? Throughout time the Seraphim have been known as the highest order of angels, next to ...Read more

Seraphim Angels

Upcoming Events

  • Faciltator class for the Matrix of Light meditation
    • August 15, 2022
      11:30 am - 1:30 pm

    Please join us for this class and the attunement necessary for you to hold the energy of Seraph ADALIAN to do this meditation yourself or…

  • Matrix of Light Meditation
    • September 7, 2022
      3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    Please join us for this powerful meditation to transport you to your inner self and the creative Matrix of Light within you connecting to the…

Client Feedback

She (Liz Ann) is a person who holds a fine-tuned spiritual vibration, is a gifted intuitive healer, an articulate communicator and is in communion with the celestial energies of the universe.  

FJ, Denver, Colorado


"This is an amazing time for those involved in the NEW.  It will succeed and be vibrant and helpful.  The truth is not seen by many. The process is in motion but patience is required, the more shared is good.  More is coming in a way that is clear and brilliant." ~ Seraph ADALIAN

This is your portal to Seraphic Wisdom and Spiritual evolution with the Seraphim angels and Andalithar, a Light Being collective. These are profound tools for you to raise your consciousness and advance quickly on your Ascension path.

The time is right for you to find this information. The workshops, meditations, and energy healing offered are from these angels and Light Beings with the powerful energies perfect for our advancing and dynamic times. Please go to Classes for details.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a private session with Liz Ann, please get in touch. She has been working with the Seraphim since this information became available in 2012.

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