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Seraphim Angels

What are the Seraphim? Throughout time the Seraphim have been known as the highest order of angels, next to ...Read more

Seraphim Angels

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She (Liz Ann) is a person who holds a fine-tuned spiritual vibration, is a gifted intuitive healer, an articulate communicator and is in communion with the celestial energies of the universe.  

FJ, Denver, Colorado

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From the Seraphic Angelic Consciousness.”The rise of the Sacred is inevitable with the evolution of humanity.  It is often overlooked by those with covers over their eyes but the eyes of their soul sees. The Sacred within, the Sacred all around is beginning to glow strong so many will see.  The process is quickening and […]

by  Liz Ann Fischer, 2011 The Truth The Truth eludes those who constantly seek to analyze. The Truth is from the heart and no other place. The guidance is true and steady if accepted. The Miracle of Life is available to all but only a few choose to see. The Miracle of Life is to […]

by Liz Ann Fischer The Milky Way is a dividing line between the new and old energy coming to the forefront of the Galactic change. We must continue to send Light and Universal Love to support the changes, consciously. Know that the entire Universe will bind together for the balance of good for all. The […]

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