Seraphim Angels

Seraphim Angels

What are the Seraphim? Throughout time the Seraphim have been known as the highest order of angels, next to ...Read more

Seraphim Angels

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She (Liz Ann) is a person who holds a fine-tuned spiritual vibration, is a gifted intuitive healer, an articulate communicator and is in communion with the celestial energies of the universe.  

FJ, Denver, Colorado

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What are the Seraphim?

seraphic_spheres_bildmarkeThroughout time the Seraphim have been known as the highest order of angels, next to the Creative Spirit, Source, God, Divine Intelligence. These angels are part of the guiding collective of the Universe. Historically, these Angels have been concerned with the order of the Universe and not communicating with all of us.

With the energy shift of 2012, the availability of the Seraphim has been much greater. As we and the Earth continue to evolve in consciousness and spirit, the Seraphim have begun to communicate with humanity in a direct way.

In order for us to comprehend this communication, each Seraph has a name. There is no gender but we use he/she for easier communication. Each Seraph has an energy signature. The energy of Seraph ADALIAN is a comforting, “wrap a blanket around your shoulders”, kind of feeling that is very loving but at the same time very palpable and powerful. The energy of this Seraph is for the greater benefit of each of us, the land and waters.  Seraph ADALIAN has told us that he is the Guardian of North America.

In October 2012, we began teaching the Love & Faith class of Seraph ADALIAN.  Further description of the energy downloads and attunement of this workshop and others is under the CLASSES tab.

As I was preparing to write this information, I quietly asked “how should I write of this new high heart and beneficial energy for ease of understanding. This is what I heard:

“The Love that encompasses all is here, readily available. If one chooses to join – partake. Love is available for your soul’s growth, spiritual growth and for you to share with the world. You may receive this into your heart sending it out to those around you. You are the pebble in the pond whose ripple touches others creating many unseen results and benefits. This is what we bring to you. As always, the choice is yours.

TO BE the Love amid strife
TO BE Love amid hate
TO BE Strong when all else is falling away
TO BE, TO Know, TO Love with compassion and greater understanding.

Humanity is on the threshold of great discovery within every person and extending into the Universe. Great discovery requires a great choice. Look within for the Wisdom to go forward.”

Attunement Defined

The dictionary defines Attunement as the adjustment of a person to a situation. Initiation is to instruct and originate. An energetic initiation or attunement is a blend of these definitions. You will be comfortable with the new higher vibration energies designed to lift your awareness and consciousness.

The teacher has energetically connected to the Seraph for these new energies which are then passed to the student by intention. No physical contact is required. You may feel or sense warmth, a gentle wave or simply relax. These attunements/initiations are permanent.

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