Seraphim Angels

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Seraphim Angels

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She (Liz Ann) is a person who holds a fine-tuned spiritual vibration, is a gifted intuitive healer, an articulate communicator and is in communion with the celestial energies of the universe.  

FJ, Denver, Colorado

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new date-The Birth of the New Avalon, Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.
  • November 23, 2019
    9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Spirit knows no boundaries.  The Avalon of old was Earth-based, the world of shamans and wizards.  The New Avalon is aligned with the greater Cosmos, Star Beings and the energy of our New Earth.  You will truly open to your higher self with the energy of these attunements. This is the energy for our present dynamic world and the higher frequencies of the New Earth. Humans have created boundaries but Seraph ADALIAN is the Guardian of North America.

This class is for all of us. This workshop is the next phase of information and attunements from Seraph ADALIAN as Guardian of North America.  We have anchored the initial high-frequency Waves of this powerful and loving Seraphim Angel and now we are ready to awaken the full potential of Canada, our neighbor on this North American continent.

Whenever you activate these energies you are benefiting our beautiful planet, Canada and yourself.  We are all one and joined together on a common path of enlightenment.  You will receive 45 energy attunements or downloads that enliven the potential of Canada, clearing of the Sacred Forests and Waters, you will join with the high vibration of plasmic gold and silver, enter your own crystalline city of the New Avalon and communicate with the Star Beings, Whales and Dolphins and more. Details under the Class tab on this website.

At the completion of this workshop, you will be a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom.

More class details of attunements on this website under CLASSES.


Central, Denver, Colorado, United States

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